IAN BROAD MOTORING provides courses tailored to suit individual pupils’ requirements, offering excellent start-up offers, intensive courses, motorway tuition, Pass Plus and refresher courses.

Listed below is the range of basic courses available, but please note that lessons can be paid for as they are taken at the rate of £26 per hour or we offer a discounted rate of £49 for a 2 hour lesson.

The Driving Standards Agency advises that a pupil should have a minimum of 40 hours professional tuition plus as much private practice as possible to reach test standard.

This 6 hour course is specially designed to give complete beginners a chance to meet their instructor, be introduced to the vehicle and get a taste of the basics of driving with no commitment to a longer, more expensive course. It also includes a pass pack, which contains study material to help the pupil through the theory/hazard perception test and their driving course.
6 HOUR COURSE £147.00
This course is designed for somebody who has already reached test standard or may have recently failed a test and includes 5 hours tuition and use of the car for the driving test.
10 HOUR COURSE £240.00
This is similar to the 6 hour course, but includes an additional 4 hours of tuition for pupils requiring extra practice to achieve test standard.
This course is also recommended for any pupils who have failed a driving test over a month ago.
20 HOUR COURSE £480.00
This course will suit the intermediate level pupil, who still requires extensive practice to reach test standard. This course is also recommended for holders of an international licence who wish to take the British driving test.
PASS PLUS £150.00
This course will suit those who are looking to complete their Pass Plus accreditation and will include up to a maximum of 6 hours driving.